Efficient, Green, Sustainable

Energy Efficient
Built to Last

Heating and Cooling

The house is designed to be heated and cooled by a highly efficient heat pump, a far safer and more economical alternative to natural gas.

It's also sited for passive solar heating and cooling, with large east facing windows to capture the morning sun.

All exterior and interior walls have been heavily insulated, far beyond code.

 Construction Details 

The exterior walls are framed with high quality 2"X6” Douglas fir from a hundred year old mill on the Olympic Peninsula.’

The steel reinforced concrete foundation is a thick, solid, one-piece slab on grade, insulated, and anchored to a foundation of highly stable Vashon glacial till.

The shed roof is ideally positioned for solar energy collection.

The baked enamel steel roofing is guaranteed for 50 year. The exterior siding materials are red cedar, spruce, and extremely durable cement paneling.

The plumbing system was designed to continuously circulate hot water to faucets throughout the house, providing instant hot water, saving both energy and water.

All faucets are LEED certified.

Local, licensed contractors did all the framing and siding, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall, roofing and other key trades.


The site required considerable preparation.

250 feet of stone and timber retaining walls.

275 feet of cedar fencing.

800 feet of drainage.

20 Dump truck of debris removed.

20 Dump truck loads of clear gravel, river rock and topsoil delivered.

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