Urban Location, Rural Retreat

10 minutes from Downtown
5 from DT West Seattle

The wonderful views from these sites are fascinating and ever changing throughout the year.

The landscape is lush and green during the spring and summer, and spectacular in the fall and winter, when the broad leafed trees that crown the greenbelt shed their leaves.

Puget Park 
West Duwamish Greenbelt
Just steps away are miles of hiking trails that meander through forests, wetlands and ponds, and is home to a vast array of plant, bird and wildlife.
Seattle Chinese Garden

The site also overlooks the beautiful Seattle Chinese Garden to the east, the largest Sichuan style garden outside of China. The courtyards, ponds and pavilions are being hand crafted by Chinese stonemasons and other artisans from China, and are fascinating to observe.

South Seattle Community College is a five-minute walk away. It has two restaurants and a bakery as part of its outstanding culinary arts and wine program and is one of the very best dining values in Seattle.


They also host one of the most varied and beautifully landscaped arboretums in the region. It’s quite large and a true hidden gem.
Birds and Airplanes

The large tree seen from the second third provides a rare and fascinating look into the complex and often perilous life of birds seen by few.

Eagles and hummingbirds, owls, hawks large and small, huge woodpeckers and songbirds of every shape, size, and color visits the tree and the large meadow behind it, throughout the year based in migratory patterns. Groups of up to 50 vultures sometimes appear out of nowhere in the fall.

Another unexpected pleasure has been the airplanes of every size, shape, vintage and origin, gliding noiselessly in over Eliot Bay, and up the Duwamish Valley at tree top-level, on their approach to Boeing Field or the Museum of Flight. At night you see them from miles way, lined up and arcing high over the city on routes coming from the East and West.

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